Vacation at Amelia

I could live here so easy.. One of my favorite places..Amelia Island.DSCN0122DSCN0124DSCN0110DSCN0143DSCN0123DSCN0112


My sister and I decided we needed to get away. After the passing of her dear husband and his long illness, she needed to get away. We were born in this area but moved away years ago. We decided this was the perfect place to spend a few days.

I love historic places, old homes and learning the history of the areas of which I have lived.Three whole days of exploring forgotten places and things I had forgotten. Fort Clinch is such a place. Winding through the oak canopy roads and watching the deer with her baby cross.Amelia Island is a world in its self.

We rose at 6am to head to the beach. I love taking pictures of the sunrise and see if any good shells had been left by the high tide through the night. I admire the people out early scouring the beach for any trash. Keeping things so clean. All saying Good morning and smiling.. I can’t wait for our boat tour tonight at 7. Cumberland island is a great historic place in its self. Tomorrow is our last day and it will be over way to soon. It’s been so enjoyable.

Our boat tour got cancelled but its okay. We went on a driving tour through FORT CLINCH..a great place to see wildlife. From the Fort river side you can see all the boats coming and going. The Beach camp site has a long pier straight out to the beach. Its a great place to visit. We really enjoyed our little vacation.


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