My Life Change

Yes to have your own Limelight by Alcone professional makeup kit worth $235 is $165. But with a little effort you can turn that $165 into a lot of money.. There are only 2000 reps right now verses the over hundreds of thousands with most other Direct Sales companies. Also until the end of June Limelight will give you $40 credit for more merchandise , catalogs etc.. This company offers a great comp plan and the products are all natural skin care. Professional quality makeup used by makeup artist worldwide..So if you want to work from home, make good money.. Be your own boss and have an amazing support group and have the effort to put in to have the life you want message me..I can say I really am so happy I made the switch from Younique to Limelight by Alcone. Alcone is such a great makeup company offering makeup to professional makeup artist. Now through Limelight by Alcone we Beauty Guides have access too..Joining Limelight now is like joining Mary Kay when it first started. The potential is amazing. Find out more at my site..

2016-06-26 10.08.06


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