My Dreams

I have a fear of that status called Senior.. Exactly what does that mean?? Senior what??

This is exactly why I started playing with Direct Sales. I tried Four or five until I found what I really loved to do. I’m sure Social Security won’t pay much. Even though I’ve worked most of my adult life.

I decided on Limelight by Alcone for one.. It’s a sister company to Alcone in New York..

Two.. The product line was so much bigger than the previous company  Especially in the skin care area. And these products perform exactly as they are supposed to. The body scrubs and mask help you turn your own bathroom into a spa experience..The candles and bath salts just ease away the worries of the day..🛀🏼🌴🐚🌾🏖

Three.. The makeup line is Professional quality. The very same makeup used by professional makeup artist worldwide. Why would you not want to use the best especially if it’s affordable??? Especially when it does not add any harmful chemicals to your skin and gives you an absolutely flawless photo ready look. And what woman does not want to be her very best. When you look good it boosts your mood brightens your smile and gives you confidence.. You hold your head a little higher

So I decided to sell Limelight by Alcone to help my income. Being disabled limits your job abilities but I can share my stories. My Faith.. And hopefully help some people feel better about themselves  along the way. This life is a journey and what you do to help people along the way is what makes it all worthwhile..


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