Makeup worth the Money

I live in a small town where things are simple. Everyone knows everyone else. And when something is worth discussing we tell everyone . So today I sharing about Concealers. I’ve never had good results because they creased and looked terrible. Enhanced more than they covered. It had took me years to find a product that looked natural. Not Enhancing my under eye lines.This camouflage Waterproof Concealer has been used for years by professional makeup artist. Limelight by Alcone has seven great shades to cover all your problems. It’s great under eye shadow.. It doesn’t crease in your under eye lines.. I’ve posted the History and the how to and the colors Limelight carries. It’s so easy to apply.. Using a sponge, your fingers a brush..and is perfect for using as a base for ‼️Baking ‼️with Limelights Tranlucent powder. Limelight by Alcone is the place to get all your Professional makeup Products and all Natural skincare for a great looking skin under the makeup. Not to mention all the Body scrubs and Bath Salts..Yes Limelight by Alcone is worth checking out.❤️

Marcia Frame on YouTube


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