What is Professional makeup???

Makeup of Professional quality. What do you think Professional makeup is? Are you familiar with the term? Have you ever had a foundation that lasts  sixteen hours? Foundation that looks like skin and is blendable when mixing two or more shades.


What do you want from your foundation. I want all day coverage that doesn’t break my face out by the end of the day. Also doesn’t make me look like I have five layers of powder on my face. Most of this article is centered on the Foundation but just so you know.. All the makeup products are professional quality. The mascara is the first Fiber Lash mascara in one tube and has been sold by Alcone for 20 years to professional makeup artist. Now we can buy it too… I have been using it for over a month and I’m so pleased with the results..FYI.. Not to get off my subject..

The secrets of this wonderful foundation is its plant based wax formula. Here is some of the information about RCMA Foundation..

This foundation is so easy to work with. So easily smoothed over your skin and moved around by your fingers, beauty blender or brush. You can add Must Dew to make it an almost liquid consistency . Below is some information on how versatile this fabulous foundation is..

The story

The two awesome Ladies who started Limelight by Alcone. Who gave women not only a wonderful line of makeup but also a great all natural line of skincare. Natural Skincare that is totally Vegan.. Leaping Bunny certified. And Enables women everywhere a way to build their own business following their dreams..I for one Thank You❤️❤️❤️ Because we are AMAZING!!


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