Nala and KJ

My two fur babies.. Please excuse the mess in the background… Doing a little sorting for Yard sale items.. I just thought I’d share my story since these dogs get a bad rap.. KJ is my daughters dog that’s 5. He is the smartest dog and most obedient and docile around everyone. He’s is just so loving and just wants attention. He likes to sleep on the couch.. ( where he’s not allowed !) and run outside to chase lizards.. He sits, shakes hands goes to bed when told. It’s like he knows what you say when you talk to him…No he does not guard anything.. Lol

Nala is my dog. Got her when she was six weeks old. She is the guard dog.. Always patrolling the house. Watching my grandson. Greets everyone that visits..I’m her human..she never bothers anything. KJ will sneak food if he gets a chance.. Nala sleeps at my bedroom door . She has a very deep growl if she is alarmed by anything. She and I are linked by spirit somehow.. It’s really strange. Maybe because we’ve been together so long.

Nala is solid white so it’s hard to keep her clean.. And she hates a bath..She has to be lead to the bathtub and put her 70lbs over the side. At least she sets and tolerates it but she does not like it..sulks for

She’s always so funny looking at you with her soulful eyes.. She’s my friend.. ❤️


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