Double Duty Makeup

I discovered an amazing thing about Limelight by Alcone’s Blush palettes. They are great for wearing as eye shadows as well as blush and highlighter and Bronzer..


My favorite is use Blush #6 all over my eye lids..I use the #8 Limelight Blending brush. It works so great. Then go back with Bronzer in the crease and lid on each outside half of the lids .Blend the corners and creases. Add Alcone Liner and Perfect Mascara..Do a light foundation and concealer . Then add my Bronzer to my cheek bones and # 6 just above my bronzer to the area past the corners of my eyes.. A little #5 or 7 on the apples of my cheeks.. 10 minutes…I am done..add lip color and good to go.

Sometimes I use #5 on the inside to middle of my lids just because I have a blouse I love that it matches perfectly..The picture below was right after I received my kit from Limelight. I didn’t have any eye shadows so I tried it and loved the results. Then a few days ago I saw a video where. A makeup artist was showing the same concept. I thought that was really great.. I’m all about saving time. Most of the time I’m in a hurry for one reason or another..I also have used very light lip color for Blush..Hey makeup is an art form, you just have a live canvas..



2016-06-04 10.56.252016-06-10 07.21.34

Limelight by Alcone Palettes and Blushes are so phenomenal..Here are all the colors and of course the Bronzer and perfect Pressed Powder. which is a must for looking perfect in any photo. And these products can take the heat. Here in South Georgia with 98degree days. Looking good for photos can be a problem..But not with Limelight products..Hope you enjoyed my story and that the tips helped. Have a Blessed day..

Marcia Frame



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