The BIG Deal about BROWS

I just wanted to touch on Brows… Mainly because I hardly have any. I have always admired beautifully shaped brows because they seem to shape your face. imageimageimage

I think maybe I can master this Brow shaping now with these great Limelight products. I tried the Brow gel and Brow Pencil from Younique but never got the results I was looking for. It was either to dark or too light.. Also the gel never lasted very long and the pencil didnt either but I did like the little brush on the end of the pencil. Sometimes I think….what makes Brows special?? And without them your face just seems somehow just not finished..I have very thin Brows from years of plucking and now at 61 the gray ones are creaping in..ahhh. Its so frustrating. I think of old men with gray bushes growing over their eyes and it sorta freaks me out..I was watching a Wayne Goss video and he threw all the old school rules about lining up your brows out the window. But what he said made sense. The farther apart your brows are in the middle the wider your nose looks. So now I have something else to fill in..Because to me my nose is to wide. imageMy up line and mentor Christina Hernandez , professional makeup artist and hair stylist ..Has given some great tips on shaping your brows. She did recommend Wonderbrow as a great brow product that comes in different shades and last all day.. It does not wipe off. She applied it with a brush. Because you have more control with the angle brush. For a more natural look. I absolutely love these Limelight by Alcone new Eye Shadows.And with the staying power of the 10 Years Younger Finishing spray..It will be so easy to have beautiful brows. in just a few minutes. Also you can use the #15 Bent Liner Brush to fill in sparse areas.It works great, the best ever as a liner brush also. I have even seen Amber Voight using this Limelight brush. Because you can’t get it anywhere else that I am aware of. My Limelight site for great shadows  I am so impressed with the great set of Professional Brushes designed just for Limelight By Alcone by a Professional makeup artist.These are just some of the reasons you need Limelight By Alcone in your life..

2016-07-08 14.11.52

I hope you enjoyed this take on brows from my perspective.. Please comment or like.. I love hearing from people.and have a Blessed day.

Marcia Frame


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