Essential Oils

I love my Limelight by Alcone products but I am broadening my natural back to nature plan.. I have been using essential oils for quite a while. The benefits are amazing. I have been reading and researching everything I can find about the Essential  oils. The best brand I have discovered is doTerra..

I have a Lavender spray I put on my pillow at night. I sleep so peacefully. My cousin has adopted special needs children. She started using Essential oils to help them concentrate and remain calm at school and at home. She is delighted with the results. The boys stopped fighting at home and their school work has improved. Anytime we can use GODs natural remedies over chemicals it has to be a win for us.
Here are some great recipes. I use a blend for pain.. Just a drop behind each ear at night before bed. I feel so good when I wake up..

My Oils.. My diffuser came from Amazon $13. It pulls in .. I love it. It runs all day.. My Cousins link..The oils are amazing.. Do your research check them out. Join some oil groups and here the amazing stories.. The more chemicals we free ourselves from the better..

Be Belessed and comment and share..

Marcia Frame


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