My Fall

I’m so Excited!! I love this season.. I did a little research. I am a Limelight Beauty Guide. I thought I Should show some fall ideas.. To me this time of year means leaves turning, football, the Fair comes to town. I love those smells.. The air is crispy in the mornings. The wreath in the picture I made Last year. I so enjoy making wreaths and flower arrangements. And here in south Ga we have a one day Festival called the Okeefenokee Festival because the small town I live in borders one of the seven wonders of the world. This huge swamp was a home to Indians and settlers back years ago. So also for us fall was time to grind the sugar cane that had been grown. To make tasty Sugar Cane Syrup.

This is a fun for all process that takes all day. It’s a celebration. Another part of fall that I love.

I just thought I would share a little of what Fall means in my little corner of this big world..

People from all over the world come here to experience the Okefenokee wildlife refuge. And watch of all things.. Trains.. I’ve saw them all my life so it’s no big deal but I guess it is to some people..We have so many come through here. I never knew there was a difference..

We have places to sit and watch trains and take pictures..It’s amazing to me the hobbies people have. But I hope you enjoyed this little view of what Fall is to me here in the south ..I love the Black eyed Susan’s on the roadside and the berries that the birds in my yard love to eat..

But my makeup ideas for fall are simple.. Salted Caramel Enduring Lip Color and #19s Eye shadow and a little bronzer for color because by now my tan is

So yes my makeup colors for fall.. My site is..

Thanks for reading my Blog.. Till next time.. Be blessed.. And don’t forget to try Limelights new Lip sticks.. They are gorgeous…


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