I am so excited to delve into the world of doTerra. Love my doTerra oils. It is so amazing how I can help myself naturally. All the work has been done for me. All I do is read to increase my knowledge of how to help my pain level, how to open a stopped up nose. To stop my allergies.. I am so happy. I’ve been using natural oils and blends for about 6 mos. I ordered a diffuser from Amazon. But I found that the oils you get from there might not be 100%. I don’t want cut oils.. I’ll do it myself if need be..Yes I am officially a Wellness Advocate for doTerra. We have Naturally safe, purely effective essential oils.. So now my hats are growing. I’m still a very active Limelight by Alcone Beauty Guide. The similarities are All Natural.. All natural is always the best route to take.. When you can put a few drops of Natural Oils in a spray bottle with water for a very effective disinfectant .. it’s just so awesome.. There are so many benefits from going all natural.. Better life better health..

Check out the breakfast idea..I can’t wait to try this product.. I got some weight to lose..

I’m just looking at what I want to improve in myself and help my family and friends live a better life.. Feel better and look better. I’ve learned that Oregano if effective over viruses who doesn’t need to know that.. we are coming up on the main cold and flu season..So I feel I could not have joined at a better time. My daughter in law is in bed for days from mowing the grass. My brother has cholesterol problems.. I found out all all these things are controllable…I am so happy I made the decision to go all natural. In my food I eat butter, throw out margarines nothing eats it but us.. seriously.. no fructose corn syrup and that’s a lot of reading labels.. I check how the chicken has been raised and fed. No antibiotics.. All natural face cleansers and lotions from my Limelight by Alcone products..My link. These products are all safe.. I use a great diffuser from was only $14..I love it.. But use distilled cold water in them. They have others to at great prices.

So if you are looking to improve your quality of life. If I can help you with any information please comment below. We have samples. Simplify your life..that’s all I have for now..

Till next time.. Marcia


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