Learning Essential Oil Wellness

I have leaned so much in the last month about Essential oils. The quality, uses, benefits. It has really improved my quality of life. I bought this new diffuser from Amazon. I had a stuffed up sinus condition. So I put peppermint and lemon in my diffuser and in my palms. Rubbed together and inhale deeply. Wow what a difference. It really works instantly I was really amazed. 

This diffuser runs about six hours or you can set it where it runs a little cuts off runs a little cuts off. I kind a like that option. But doTerra Essential oils are of such a high-quality. I had ordered other essential oil’s online but you can tell the difference immediately just from smelling them.

I now have two diffusers. One I keep by my bed that runs all night. It’s also from Amazon. But I will not be without my doTerra oils. I use all natural skin care products from limelight by Alcone. So it seemed only natural to treat my body to Essential oil’s for natural healing. If you visit my webpage My doTerra up at the top right corner where the small lines are. Click there and you will have the opportunity to see do it yourself ideas using essential oils and a page of recipes using natural essential oil’s. These are some really great ideas.​ 

A doTerra meeting in Jacksonville, Fl.. 500 people. It was wonderful to see all these people who love doTerra and enrich their and their families lives..❤️🙏🏼❤️


We had a great time. If you would like to take charge of your health check it out for yourself. doTerra has products for weight loss, supplements for bone health and over all well being. I’m lowering my blood pressure, losing weight and gaining mobility from stopping arthritis take over in my knees my back my shoulders my wrists.. it is amazing the benefits I have discovered through doTerra Essential Oils.. I just want wellness for everyone. 

Thank you for reading..

Marcia Frame


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