King of all Oils

Here are some reasons why Frankincense is called King of all Essential oils. As most people know this oil was one given to the Baby JESUS by the wise men who came bearing gifts. I use it for many things. It is believed to be very beneficial at a cellular level assisting the nervous system and brain. 

These are just some of the suggested uses of Frankincense oil. doTerra Frankincense oil is Of the Boswellia origin and is highly versatile in its uses. Tested 5 times for purity. 

It can be added to a moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenate skin. It also does wonders for aging skin. Reduces stretch marks. 

Frankincense of supplemental quality can be taken internally one or two drops in a veggie cap. To support healthy cellular function.

It can also be applied to the bottoms of the feet or massage in for feelings of relaxation and to balance mood. And relieve symptoms of anger. It assists in relieving stress.. It is just a wonderful all natural benefit to your natural wellness. 

I use frankincense on a daily basis applied to the base of my skull. It enhances my sense of well-being. Below is a doTerra Family Essential Kit that includes Frankincense oil and nine other Essential oils that can be used daily for natural wellness benefits. Uses for each oil is included in the lid of the box. 

This doTerra  kit is a great kit to introduce you and your family to the benefits of Essential oils. These oils can be used by diffusing, Touch or massaging onto skin. Put a few drops in your hands rub together cup and inhale deeply for an exhilarating experience. They can also be taken internally. For example lemon oil can be added to water in a glass container for a great way to detox your system. And it taste great too. Find out more about these wonderful essential oil atMy doTerra page. You can message me on Facebook at Lavender Bliss for more information.  Most oils should be deluted with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) when using on children or sensitive skin.  doTerra also gives you a chance to buy oils at 25% or more savings. It’s a wonderful opportunity. doTerra also offers great supplements for health and well-being. Also offering safe all natural household products for your family’s wellbeing. I love doTerra, it has brought so many benefits in my life. You can google more information on these oils. 

Hope the blesses someone..🤗 

Marcia Frame


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