Loving You Skin

What kind of skin do you have? Is it Oily, Dry or combination?  I have some friends who have  definite scarring from acne. I also have friends who have dryness to the point of being scaly scratchy dry patches.. So I googled what you see below.. I took a screen shot so you can see what came up.  I googled frankincense oil because I kept hearing about the wonderful things that it does for your skin.


It can be mixed with small amounts of coconut oil or even your moisturizer. But I would be hesitant to mix it with anything that had foreign  synthetic chemicals in it. I don’t know of that many moisturizers that are made of totally natural  ingredients .  I do know for a fact that the limelight by Alcone skin care products are all natural. The one drop wonder oil is pure Pomefera Oil with no foreign chemicals.  I do know that some oil’s do not make oily skin more oily. As in the One Drop Wonder.  It is a very light oil that soaks into the skin without increasing the oil in this of it.  But I’m very excited to try the benefits of the frankincense oil sold by doTerra Essential oils. I already use it on the base of my neck for the calming properties and emotional balance. But I’m thinking I want to try it on my crows feet and creases on my face, neck and back of my hands.

Due to the Research I have done ,it’s very beneficial in these areas.. If you would like to take a look at these products you can go to  www.mymakeupisawesome.comSite

and http://www.mydoterra.com/marciaframeSite

Thank you for reading and hope this has helped someone with these issues..

Marcia Frame


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