A merry Little Christmas

As I sit here sipping my ☕️ coffee.. In one week from today.. it will be Christmas Day. And to all those that live alone who’s children are grown and gone and too busy I say.. Merry Christmas.🎄 I think about all the friends who have passed on. One just recently. Who will be greatly missed. I think about his wife who will now have to go on without her partner of over 50 years. For some people Christmas is a joy, a time of celebration.

But to many it’s a season that they wish would pass quickly and be gone so the humdrum of life can be back to normal. It’s really an inconvenience. Can’t get appointments, offices closed.. So yes for some it’s just a standby time waiting for things to go back to the regular run. The dealing of trying to pay bills and take care of obligations.

So for a lot of people I pray their Holidays will be brighter. That they find some joy in the beat down of life..In this world of more people than has ever been, there is more loneliness than ever.. I pray for there to be joy and hope and peace of mind. That their needs be met. That JESUS the giver of life gives each one hope and joy this season in spite of all the issues they face. That the light and love of GOD comfort and Bless them. This is my wish for this season.. ❤️


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