Living Chemical Free

Since I learned about dōTERRA I have became aware of quality Chemical free products that help us to live chemical free. Having a complete wellness level not on the least common. These products are safe chemical free products that help us who want to live a holistic all natural life. Free of contaminants.

Deep Blue helps sore muscles.
Products to help sleep naturally
Wonderful Hair Care Products

All natural Deoderant
All natural lotions and Body wash.

dōTERRA it’s so much more than Essential oils and supplements. There are supplements that help hormonal imbalance, bone health and total cellular rejuvenation. These products enhance our wellness on every level. 

The essential oil’s from doTERRA are pure and supplemental grade therapeutic grade and most are safe for internal consumption. And are tested continuously for purity. DoTERRA oils are of the highest quality.

I personally put 2 to 3 drops of either lemon oil or grapefruit oil or tangerine oil in my water daily. It boosts my mood , helps me to be happy and flushes my system of toxins. I use Frankincense daily on the back of my neck for cellular and brain support. It’s a must have Oil. Also with all the viruses floating around this year I can proudly say I have had nothing.. No sinus problems, No viruses No colds.. praise GOD.. I use lemongrass for thyroid support. I use peppermint to inhale and for digestive problems. There are just so many uses for these oil’s. 🙋🏼 your must have oils are lemon oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, frankincense oil. The benefits of just these are phenomenal. You can Google any of these oils and it will give you a list of all their benefits. This is certainly something worth considering. And you can buy essential oil’s in many places but for purity and strength you can only get that from doTERRA. I don’t want to pay good money for  diluted oils. Or oils that have had synthetic additives added to them. With doTERRA I have peace of mind.

The company doTERRA it’s self is a great company that supports small communities in Third World countries. The oils come from their original area and they are farmed by local people. This process in turn supports the small communities around the world..

I use these oil’s daily. I love the smells ,I love the quality and I’m very proud to be a doTERRA wellness advocate. It blesses me to be able to help people to help them take care of their wellness. When you sign as a dōTERRA Wellness advocate with me you will receive a book called “the Essential life” a free bottle of Wild Orange. And any 200pv order in December receives a FREE bottle of Frankincense (a $93 value) it ends 12/31. If you would like to know more about dōTERRA you can message me or visit My Link

Also on my doTerra site There are pages of recipes and a page of DIY uses for essential oil’s. You can make your own cleaning recipes and cooking recipes. Please go check them out, you will enjoy it. Only when you purchase oil’s from a doTERRA wellness advocate are you getting 100% guarantee that your oils are pure. There is a recorded batch number on each bottle.🏅🏆

Thanks for visiting my blog. Marcia Frame

Hope you enjoyed the information.. 🤗🎄🎅🏼


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