It’s December 29..it’s 4am .. I rise early a lot. I’m just considering what this new year has in store.  I was thinking about all the things I have learned in 2016. By the way I still can’t believe how fast this year has passed..

Our new year is fast approaching. But I wonder how many know on October 3, 2016 the Jewish new year started and the number of that year is 5777. Now I am not a scholar by any means but I know that the number five is mercy, and the number seven is spiritual completeness and we have three sevens..father son and Holy Spirit???

I watch Lance Wallnau on Periscope and YouTube  often. He refers to this new year as “the clashing of Swords”. My opinion is that as of October 3rd that has already started. Our election, the flagrant opposition of a legally elected official. Seriously it is embarrassing to see supposedly adult people acting in a manner that is almost barbaric. So this year is indeed the year of the clashing of swords..

I am seriously wanting to start a prayer chain if anyone would be interested in joining me online. We can just set a time, agree and pray for our country. Message me on fb or email at My email. I would love to hear from people who love JESUS and want to fight the good fight of FAITH through prayer. 

Mark 11:22 Have Faith in GOD.

Mark 11:24  THEREFORE.. I say unto you, what things so ever you desire when you pray, believe that you received them and you shall have them.

The LORD has greatly Blessed me so in turn I am sharing the knowledge that I have been given. The verse from Mark above can be taken literal.  When we pray we should see the victory in our minds already. I have made up my mind to live in victory in Christ for all things. I have decided to be positive. To strive for peace and live a totally Blessed Life. 

Simplify your life. Pray often. Grow in Spirit..

Thank you 

Marcia Frame


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