I am a grandmother and mom. I am concerned about the problems of GMO in Foods the chemical and synthetic contamination of our world for my family. I joined dōTERRA for this reason. I want to help as many people as possible have a fuller healthier life. To be all you can be in health,finance and emotionally.

I am a total believer in natural products verses synthetic. Our bodies respond to natural and fight against synthetic. This is why we have so many illness. When you apply natural support to your body it will naturally heal it self. In my search for the perfect additive.I discovered dōTERRA Products. This company has standards way above the FDA for essential oil’s and for their home use products. 

I was so impressed with the quality of their products.. I want them all lol.. And all the perks make it well worth the price. DōTERRA oils have literally changed my life. The way I look at wellness and The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ” This is so true..🙋🏼

Here are some of doTerras oils and what they help with..

These are just a few. My favorite is the lemon oil. It’s only $10 wholesale price but it helps with a multitude of issues. I put it in my water and drink it daily for a detox and to lighten my mood..Wild Orange is great also.. frankincense oil is great for everything especially brain function and cellular support.

Joining doTERRA is like joining Costco or Sam’s Club. You just go to my website and click join and save. And with any kit of $150 or more the $35 fee is waived.. And you just buy whatever products you like at wholesale prices. You can join the LRP club and maintained 100 PV in your shopping cart.place your order before the 15th of each month and receive the free oil of the month.

There are a lot of different starter kits with doTERRA at many different prices. You just pick the one that suits you. Or you can pay the $35 and buy three oil’s or any three items.. it’s really easy. The kits do save you a lot of money off wholesale price..so you end up saving around 66% so that’s a great deal. And even though the essential oil’s are doTERRA’s main products the top sellers are their supplements. That speaks for them alone. The supplements are top grade no fillers. When you Google GNC Walmart CVS supplements you find that they have a lot of fillers in all of them. And Who wants to pay for fillers. DoTERRA supplements are of the highest quality.because we certainly do not get all the needed nutrients that we need in our food. I have noticed that a lot of people do not use essential oils until their health starts going downhill. When prevention works a lot better.

Visit here My site to see all the products. Click Jiin and Save to join for wholesale prices. doTerra oils are certified therapeutic and supplemental grade essential oils and supplements.most are safe for internal use. These oil’s going to be aromatically,topically and internally. I give complete training on how to apply them. We have total support groups to help everyone understand and know the uses of essential oils.

Message me for any questions you have concerning these wonderful products.. I would love to hear from you.. ❤️ 

Thank you 

Marcia Frame


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