My Daily do’s💎

I thought I would share some information that has helped me with my problems. The Essential oils I use daily are..

#1 Lemongrass

I apply it daily to my neck for thyroid support.

It’s a natural analgesic so I use it to reduce pain and inflammation in my shoulder and knees.. anywhere I have pain and soreness.

It’s wonderful as a mood booster relieving depression. It gives feelings of confidence self esteem and drives away depression due to failures in career, death in a family, insecurity thus relieving anxiety that I need help with. I put a drop in my hands, cup them and breath in to have a very uplifting experience. 

Lemongrass is used effectively to bring down fevers. And works great as a deodorant..and used as an astringent assist in stopping hair loss. And is a great external and internal fungicidal. Rids the body of fungal infections. 

So I can say Lemongrass is one of my favorites. 

I also mix 10 drops in a cup of Epson salts and add to my bath for a relaxing and invigorating spa experience at home.. 

I love all my oils but another daily favorite I use nightly and I highly recommend is Lavender. 

Lavender gives you amazing restful sleep. 

It’s great for cuts, scrapes, bug bites and bee stings and burns. So keep it in handy for just such occasions.. 

it also mixes with Epson salts for an amazing relaxing bath. Mixed with Peppermint and applied to temples and back of neck quickly releaves headaches.. the Emotional and physical benefits of lavender are almost to many to name. It assist in regulating blood sugar. Provides emotional support. 

The biggest point I wish to make about all the Essential oils is to make sure they are certified pure therapeutic grade. This is so important. Because this is such an important factor. DoTerra oils are CPTG. They are safe for internal consumption, applying topically to any part of the body. And aromatically by diffuser or put in palms and cup your hands and inhale. When you buy cheap oils you get a fairy dusting of the oil and synthetic fillers which is not good. I joined doTerra because of the awesome quality of their products and their wonderful support groups and trainings about using the oils and teaching how to use them and what they help with. DoTerra is awesome. If you would like to know more Click here.❤

As I said I use these two daily. In my next article I will share 2 more favs. I love these Essential oils because it’s wonderful to help people improve and take control of their wellness, saving them money over costly alternatives. I hope you enjoyed my posts. 

Be Blessed

Marcia Frame


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