doTerra BOGO week Ended☹️

Hi everyone.. I’m a little sad. doTerra had a great week of BOGOs. Today is the last day. At 12:00am it will be over. There were some really great freebies going on. And who does not like freebies.

Today’s was

Both of these roll on Blends gives great emotional support. They give you a feeling of being able to cope with whatever life throws at you. You will still be able to order them through 12 o’clock tonight Saturday, February 25, 2017. There are so many places to buy oils. How do you decide which are best?? Well you certainly don’t want to buy some from your local department store or chain store. Essential oil’s need to be certified pure therapeutic grade. So that you know you were getting the very best for your money.

It’s important to know they are if the purest quality.. are use the essential oils in my home for everything. I take them internally I diffuse them I use them to clean with and to cook with and I also apply them to my body . Learning to apply and use essential oil’s in the home is very easy and it’s very interesting. It’s amazing to me how God created all these wonderful plants and gave us the knowledge to extract the wonderful Oils from them to use for our perfect wellness. The human body naturally works on healing itself. Essential oil’s just give it the boost that it needs.

DoTerra has money saving kits to get you started with most having the top 10 oils needed for most situations. When you purchase a kit your membership fee is waived. You also have the opportunity to join doTERRAs LRP program which enables you to accumulate points and receive free product. I can give you more information on that if you would like it.

Here are some of the money saving kits..

This kit comes with roller touch oils great for children

I also want to show you some of the wonderful recipes for diffusing and applying for your wellness support.

This blend really works on belly fat.. apply on torso area..

This blend really gives assistance to high BP issues.

Balance is a grounding Blend that helps you feel more like yourself. Having a sense of accomplishment in your day.. it’s a great blend to use every morning on each wrist.. 🙋🏼

I am just so excited because I love the benefits of these oils. I love the smells. The effect they have on my senses. I have overcame anxiety and depression and completely overcame my terrible sinus problems. And I know if they can do all this for me they can do all this for you.


Assist with mental clarity and memory
Sinus, cold and respiratory assistance

This my view on doTerra  Essential Oils. You can wwwVisit my site at..🙀

thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it..

Marcia Frame


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