My Oil experience 🌺

I have been experimenting with my doterra oils for a few months now. My friend gave me a sample of Balance and Whisper because I thought I needed some hormone support. I had been studying the benefits of having your hormones and adrenals working and at the correct levels. I made me an adrenal support roll on of lavender, Basil and Citrus Bliss.

I apply the mixture to my back just above my kidneys. That’s where your adrenal glands are. I put Whisper and Balance on my wrists in the mornings. Once I applied whisper to my wrist at night I can say don’t do that I stayed up all night. And I know it was the whisper , because that was the only thing I did different.

I am almost 62. I have severe deteriorating disc in my back, arthritis and numerous other continual body aches. I can say after using these products for about a week now I feel better than I’ve ever felt in the last 20 years.

I am currently reading up on studies with doTERRA’s DDR. I am totally amazed and fascinated at the results that people are publishing about this product that supports on a cellular level.

DDR comes in vegie caplet and Oil form. The results are amazing. This will be my next purchase. I have family members who suffer from neuropathy. And rim report states that it is a great support in that area of the nervous system. Because even I in my educational in adequacy know that if your cells are healthy ..You are healthy.

The above oils are my daily or nightly rather oils I apply.  For sound sleep and thyroid support. I’m writing this in hope that someone else will be encouraged that there is help beyond chemicals and meds with side effects. There is an alternative. And if you wish to share you can benefit from doTERRA’s LRP program and get free oils regularly. Saving a lot of money.. it’s worth looking into because it has literally changed how I feel and starting my day without pain and feeling good again is important.. wwwMy doTerra site

I so hope this is helpful ..message me or visit my site at

Marcia Frame


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