Why doTerra is #1

I started doTerra in Sept 2016. I was very intrigued by essential oil’s but had no knowledge of quality and standards for them. My friend had joined doTERRA and use the oils for her children she has one child of special needs. She had great success with them and is really impressed with the quality and the results she gets from using the oils.

I joined doTERRA and was already a direct sales person for Limelight Makeup, before that I sold Younique makeup. Both of which were expensive to join with kits from $99 to $169 plus tax and shipping. So $35 for a wholesale membership was nothing..

After I received my doterra information I was curious about their compensation plan.

Since it was only $35 to join doterra and be able to purchase wholesale Essential oils and products saving up to 30% and participating in the LRP program earning free oils. I was very happy. Β I was having some financial difficulties so the fees and charges to be a member of Limelight and Younique got to be too much. It was a great relief to me to know that with doTERRA there were no monthly charges and the LRP order only benefited me if I wish to pursue being a wellness advocate. So there’s no pressure for you have an order every month unless you just want to. But LRP orders give you points that you redeem for free product the following month or whenever you choose to use them. So it’s a great opportunity. For any DS people out there here is the wonderful comp plan with doTerra. They truly set you up to succeed..

Comp planΒ For doterra πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
The comp plan with doTerra really surprised me. It’s really easy to share the power of 3 and earn income for free oils and products and grow into a nice business. If you love helping people, you are a doTerra candidate. doTerra is all about helping people and being debt free. doTerra itself is a debt free company. Started in 2008 and is reaching people and helping through out the world. Reasearch it for yourself..And the support systems and training is great. No one is left out in the cold.

DoTerra has a wellness kit for any budget. Ease your way in or jump full force.. lol πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

I can truly say I am loving my journey with doTERRA. I make it a point to study as much as I can about these wonderful essential oil’s. They have really changed my life. My wellness has greatly improved and if you’d like to know more just message me I would love to tell you my story. I have many wonderful true self experiences from me and my family on how we use these essential oil’s every day.

I would really love to have you join me on this wonderful journey as we discover all the benefits of wellness with Essential Oil ..Walking in wellness to the bank.. it’s a great feeling to be helping others. The Power of 3 is a great plan.

Message me for a free sample of Essential Oil and more information on doterra. Come join in the fun!!!πŸ’.Β My link.

Marcia Frame


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