Why doTerra??

I am just a mom and grandmother who loves her children. I have always been concerned about what we are in contact with that is not the best for our bodies. I have a weight problem. I have Blood pressure issues and thyroid problems. Arthritis is everywhere in my family. Since working with doterra I have learned so much about how our gut health and adrenal health effects so many issues we suffer from.  I was also suffering from depression and terrible anxiety. I can hardly ride in a car without freaking out. I was in a bad wreak in 1975. But I only started having anxiety in the last few years. But it was getting progressively worse. With doTERRA oils vetiver and lavender and frankincense I have learned that I can use these to fight the anxiety. And it is helped immensely. I use lavender every night to help combat stress and help me to sleep soundly. It really relaxes me.

Three of my favorite oils

I have did a lot of reading and research on various brands. You tube is a world of knowledge. I guess I love the way that doTERRA invest in other communities around the world. They make sure that all oils are certified pure therapeutic grade.and I can go to sourcetoyou.com and check any bottle by the number on the bottom of the bottle and The expiration date. No one else does that.

My best reassurance is knowing that in using these oil’s I am not putting anything synthetic in my body. They are all natural pure and help my body to heal naturally. If you go toDoTerra site you can read about all the great things they do. They also link with Healing Hands foundation which contributes to help stop child trafficking.

We even have celebs using doTerra..https://youtu.be/BaT1tEnnlMg

Check it out. Also the home products and supplements are great. Ridding my home of synthetic chemicals. Diffusing the air. Most people don’t know the air in your home is 4 times more polluted than outside air. Because of all of the cleaning products that we use the air freshener’s carpet paint fumes all these things are in our home. And they have an affect especially on small children and pets.

Natural solutions and clean air go along way to keep us out of the doctors office. So I thank you for reading my article this is my views on doTERRA Essential oils and products. Just replace the products you buy all the time with the doTERRA products just for three months and see if you don’t feel different. DoTERRA has a guarantee on their supplements that if you do not feel better after taking them for 30 days they will happily refund your money. They raise your energy level. Sleep better and just overall better health. So please take my doTerra challenge to look younger,feel better and lose weight.

This is my truthful opinion from what I have experienced myself. Thanks for reading

My doterra site
Marcia Frame


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