DoTerra did you knows???

Good morning.. I was enjoying my morning. Sitting on my back porch listening to the birds drinking my coffee. And realizing how long I had been taking supplements in my life to stay healthy. At almost 62 I am more concerned than ever because those little aches and pains seem to be growing into all my gosh. I was pricing doTERRA supplements compared to all the money that I have been spending at Walmart and GNC and I feel so dumb. Please go to My doterra link. And click supplements. You will find the great deal. It is an all the time savings.

DoTERRA has this amazing deal if you buy their lifelong vitality pack you can order up to three item for $20 each from the list on the bottom of the pic. When you buy the lifelong vitality pack you already save $63 and then you save more adding the supplements for$20.  I know some are you say that $100 is a lot for supplements if you’ve ever been to GNC you know you could drop 200 in a heartbeat. Because let’s face it the Walmart over-the-counter vitamins are just fillers they really don’t do our bodies any good if they did we would feel better when we take them.

These suppliments have a 30 day feel better or money back guarantee.

Yes I just screenshot it to get the point across that this is an amazing deal. No one has ever guaranteed that I would feel better for taking their supplements. I did a little chuckle when I read the title of the supplement that is for cellular health. CRS… really?? That’s the main problem I have.. can’t remember sh@@t.. too funny. But if it helps me to remember things I will more than happily purchase and take it. I called them brain farts. I tried to tell someone about something or recall their name and it’s just like it has left my brain it is so irritating. And all my doctor wants to do is give me another pill  that is synthetic and give me side effects and makes me kind of be in La La land and I’m tired of that. I do not want any more synthetic drugs in my body they just wreak havoc on my system.

doTerra shampoos and conditioner comes in money saving size.. NEW!!

So the story is dedicated to the people out there who are like me not really sick sick but having day-to-day issues with memory problems and just not feeling well, tired ,needing energy. I hope this benefit someone with information that they have been looking for because doTERRA has definitely blessed my life through wellness and financially. Please write me and let me know if there is anyway I can help you to better understand what works better for you.

FYI the LLV pack comes in this kit. This is a great kit to start you in your journey to better wellness. And a safer home environment.

Please join me on this wellness journey discovering how to really live.. not just get through the day.. lose pounds, feel great having energy to enjoy life..❤️🗝🙋🏼 More to come..
Thanks for reading

Marcia Frame


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