Tripped Up!!

Hi everyone. I just want to say thanks for all the views.  I haven’t posted any thing in a while because I had a terrible trip in my kitchen floor. I came down on my right knee. It hurt so bad I had to just lay there on my floor. I was literally screaming in agony. I was so afraid I had broken my leg. I hit my elbow on the corner of the fridge but that was the least of it. After 20 minutes my neice got 2 neighbors to come help me up. I put off going to ER until the next morning. It was swollen and concerned about a fracture. I was thankful to God the x-ray showed no breakage just a very bad bruise which has continued to be very painful.

I love my oils and have quite a bit of the doTerra collection but I had none of what I needed. I knew I needed Helichrysum and Deep Blue. My friend was happy to bring me the oils that I needed to help with the bruising and soreness. I did my research and discovered that it could take up to three weeks for recovery. So I’m using my downtime to do more studies on all the different benefits of doTERRA essential oil’s and their products.



I have used these oils along with Deep Blue doTERRA’s blend for assisting with such injuries. Peppermint cools the skin. If you google these oils you will find a multitude of uses for these oils. I use peppermint from everything to diffusing for easier breathing to upset stomach to cooling the skin during hot flashes. I love it. Helichrysum is a bit more expensive but is a necessary Oil to have in your kit. So I can attest please do not take a bad knee injury lightly.. it is very painful. It has been over a week and a half and I’m still using my crutch. I hope this information has been helpful. You can contact me at



thanks for reading, Marcia Frame









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