What being Well means

I am learning more and more everyday what it is to be well naturally. In spirit, mind and body. I have been aquatinted with doTERRA oils for about 8 months. It pays to take a few minutes, do your research if you have any health issues and explore your options.  Pharmaceutical companies are a business. And just like any other business .. sales are number one. And let’s face it sometimes the side effects are worse than the disease or illness that you have. There’s got to be a better way. Natural products, oil’s ,plants have been around for thousands of years. No .synthetic medications will never take the place of all natural plant based products.

We are so affected by the chemicals, cleaners and things in the air in our homes. We don’t even realize the damage we are  doing to ourselves and a lot of the problems that we are having as in allergies and sometimes even emotional problems and nerve problems can stem from being exposed to things in and around the home. I have personally suffered from this. I was having terrible headaches, nausea at work and so were other coworkers from being exposed to mold. Mold can be very hazardous to your health and calls extreme symptoms.

So with that being said I can say that I have truly suffer through my share of allergies symptoms from mold, grass and tree pollen. Then I combated my problem by taking every medication I could find to try to alleviate my symptoms. I have never found any peace until I found all natural doTERRA essential oil’s. And I have so enjoyed this learning process I do research daily on each Oil. I love learning about their benefits. I use vetiver and lavender in a spray bottle with water every night to help me sleep soundly. And I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

To make yours add 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops of Vetiver, fill with water. Shake well before each use. Spray pillow and your chest each night for restful sleep. 

I use Lavender on the back of my neck to combat headaches.. it’s wonderful. I’m not clogging up my liver from taking over-the-counter headache medication. I sincerely believe our livers were not meant to filter all the junk that we take into our bodies through the air and the medications we take , through the foods that we eat and our liver really has to last us a lifetime. I have found some great recipes for a liver cleanse that I plan on trying very soon.

 Another oil I use a lot is peppermint almost on a daily basis. For some reason I am prone to heartburn which I guess I should use more DigestZen doTERRA’s digestive blend. But usually I just grab the peppermint for my heartburn issues and it works instantly. That’s the thing about these oils I have found that they work instantly I don’t have to wait for pills to dissolve, it is instantaneous. And no side effects. Just a drop in my palm,rub it on the area of concern or a drop in a small amount of water.

Another thing that I started doing and this seems to have helped alleviate my allergy and sinus symptoms as well as giving me an all natural detox. I add one of the citrus oil’s or sometimes a combination of two to a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. Tangerine seems to help me rid my body of excess fluid which is a great relief when you feel bloated. All of the citrus oil’s have different properties and they all work amazingly well on everything from memory to detox of the body and I love using them every day. And I can certainly feel it when I don’t use them, they taste great. Grapefruit essential oil speeds up the metabolism and helps us to rid the body of fat. And curbs  sugar cravings.

So I’ll just say this. Our quality of life is up to us. Yes sometimes things happen beyond our control but our biggest enemy is a closed mind. I really hate seeing people suffering when I know there is help. doTERRA Essential oils and all natural products offer a solution. And alternative to side effects and countless other solutions from all natural cleaners to safe oils for your children and pets. So I invite you to explore the area of all natural with doTERRA. Visit my doTERRA site

Message me on Facebook at Essential Daily Oils

Or email at. Oilframe55@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and GOD BLESS❤️

Marcia Frame


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