DIY ideas with oils.. 

Hi everyone I hope you are having a wonderful day. I made this wonderful cream with just regular coconut oil and 10 drops of doTERRA lavender oil. The jar is an old make up jar that I washed and added this lotion that I plan around my eyes on my face and I even use it on my cracked heels and the bottoms of my feet. Because I love wearing flip-flops and you know the damage it does to your feet wearing flip-flops all the time. I’ve also made these wonderful sprays for my pillow, to help me sleep at night.

I made a lavender and vetiver spray that helps me sleep really well. And then when I’m working I made peppermint and wild orange to help me focus and wake me up. Because I have times of tiredness in the afternoons kind of lethargic feeling. I ordered the bottles off of Amazon. And of course all the oils are doTERRA. 

I made the above Roller and spray for a friend to try who is suffering from depression and mood swings. In the roller I added Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Lavender, Balance, and Wild Orange. Topped off with FCO. Vetiver and lavender or my very favorite oils as of late for helping me battle panic attacks and depression. I’m really amazed at the improvement I am receiving.

I sincerely hope these natural solutions I use can help others. I love researching and finding natural solutions to problems around my home. 

These are the different coconut oil’s I use in cooking as well as applying to my body. I’ve noticed one thing about coconut oil that it seems to not get rancid overtime as quickly as the olive oil or some of  the other oils that are used in some of these recipes. I’m not saying not to use them I’m just saying make small batches and use them fairly quickly. Coconut oil is amazing I have substituted it for pretty much all of the regular fast that you find in the store I do not use hydrogenated cooking oil for anything. Only natural fat.

And I’m happy to say I am very happy with my pain solutions . Deep Blue has amazing oils in it to reduce sore muscle discomfort and my research said Lemongrass assist in rotator cup discomfort.. it does. I’m so happy 😁

I joined doTERRA because I was so fascinated with all the wonderful essential oils and product that they have and to try to bring relief to some of my problems. But I can say for those out there who are looking for something extra those little checks that have started coming in are really nice too. And I enjoy representing a company that does so much for others. I would still share doTERRA even if I got paid nothing. Because the products are just that good there’s too many people out there who need help in the middle of this overmedicated world.  So thanks for reading. I make no claims just state what I personally use. I do have a web pageMy doTERRA site

Thank you.

Marcia Frame 💧🍋🍊


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