Sharing is Caring ❤️

How often have you had a sick friend? How often have you seen a mom with small children and can tell she is tired and overwhelmed? You have a family member suffering from pain or anxiety?

Some people get the wrong idea when we share doTerra oil solutions. With most of us it’s about caring not sales. Of course we can’t give them away but if we could we would. We have compassion for hurting people. Compassion because we know we have so many simple solutions for a lot of life’s everyday problems.

Most people don’t put their health first. I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I hated taking meds because of side effects and the having to remember and take time to swallow a pill.

It brings most of us as Essential Oil people a sense of joy to help others we know who are hurting weather emotionally or physically.  This is because when you have tried and experienced the benefits and simplicity of using pure essential oils.. it just makes you feel wonderful. It’s the sense of security from having an online link of friendship with people who are always there to help you. Who want to help you. Who take time to help you. It’s that feeling of giving and helping others.

Jesus said we should love others as we love ourselves. What better way to show how much you care than by helping to solve a problem someone needs help with.

How much better can you serve others than by sharing the benefits of the best all natural solutions there are.. Natures best most simple solutions made perfect and made available at the best price possible. Just the 3 oils mentioned above have the most amazing benefits. From disinfecting your home kitchen counters and surfaces in your house. To diffusing to help your memory, calm your mood and make you alert. These oil’s are so amazing and beneficial for our wellness. I offer classes to educate on the benefits of essential oil’s. We also have an Itovi scanner to give you the best information on what your body needs to work at its peak performance. There are so many uses for each Oil that there is not room to list here. I give a free book called “the Essential Life” that has all the information on Essential oils in it to any one who buys a kit so you can know how to use your oils.  My doTerra site Visit here for products, DIY page and recipe page with great ideas. 

So truthfully I can tell you doTERRA Essential oils have most definitely changed my life. I feel so much better. Yes it took a few little changes and a little bit of research on my part but I have learned so much about God’s wonderful sources from plants. And I choose to support a company Who invest in other peoples lives and Builds neighborhoods.

The easiest way to start is to learn about the 3 most popular oils

These will be the most used oils for everything from adding lemon to your water for a detox. To using peppermint to open your sinuses to breath or a tummy problem. To using Lavender for a soothing bath. Apply to bug bites and apply to feet and diffuse to get some wonderful restful sleep. And add a little coconut oil to apply to children’s feet to help them. It’s so easy. It’s just a mindset.

The Bible speaks of renewing your mind. Sometimes it’s just a simple adjustment on how we think and look at things. To open a door to a whole new way to be healthy.

We are blessed by helping others. So remember this lesson. We are continually planting our life with seeds. Our words and deeds are the crops we grow. Our harvest is what we get in return for our seeds we have sown. Choose to plant a good crop of helping others and smile as you reap your blessings. That person in need could be the seed to your biggest blessing. GOD does not miss a thing.. 😊.

Try the simple life of doTERRA Essential oils. Helping others will bring you great joy. And by helping them you will help yourself.

My 2cents…

Marcia Frame


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