My Faith Story

I know I usually talk about my makeup but this morning I feel the need to share about some other things . I always get up early.. Not on purpose , I just wake up. I love the quiet in the house. I can gather my thoughts. Read my Bible, pray .. I like talking to GOD he listenes without condemning or judging. I feel his presence. Any one can do this .. You just have to be still and listen. I’m not an overly spiritual person or holier than anyone. Really I mess up all the time. But it seems people have become so negative even the people who say they Love Jesus. How can you love JESUS CHRIST and be negative???? We have the answers to all our issues right in front of us..And don’t get me wrong.. I’ve had my issues too but I’m trying to learn to look at things through his eyes.. I was really badly abused as a child.. As were my sisters.. I’ve been beaten by a drunk crazy husband. Years of abuse.. But I finally was able to put the hate behind me because I know nothing anyone has ever done to me is as bad as what JESUS suffered for us all..I know he loves me but he also loves the one doing the harm..

Another thought!!

The revelation that came to me is this.. We sometimes (not always) cause our own problems.. We.. With our mouths speak condemnation on ourselves when we curse or talk bad about someone else.. So people I’m here to tell you and you can believe it or not.. YOU are calling judgement on yourselves. So I think if I tell you and you tell someone else sooner or later we will all think before we say something that we might have to deal with later..Because being positive is so much better..Paul said to speak in Love in all things..we have the power of life and death in our tongues ( it’s in Proverbs) Read it…. If you read Genesis 1 during creation..”and GOD said, and GOD said… He spoke things into creation.. We are made in his image.. Think about it. I am over a half century old..I have seen a lot happen..I have seen this happen.. So I can say from experience.. Only say what you want to be…Only speak what you want to happen.. You will be so glad you did..❤️And no the Bible is not a fairy tale.. It’s GODS love letter to his children…