DoTerra did you knows???

Expanding our knowledge of what enriches our life.. … More DoTerra did you knows???


Why doTerra??

I am just a mom and grandmother who loves her children. I have always been concerned about what we are in contact with that is not the best for our bodies. I have a weight problem. I have Blood pressure issues and thyroid problems. Arthritis is everywhere in my family. Since working with doterra I … More Why doTerra??

I got new Oils

So I needed more oils. I am very intrigued with treating hormone levels with essential oils.I also suffer from hypertension. And thyroid issues. So I ordered Ylang Ylang, Whisper and Balance. I’m interrested in getting my Thyroid and adrenals in good working order. I am tired of feeling tired all the time. And I need … More I got new Oils

Why doTerra is #1

I started doTerra in Sept 2016. I was very intrigued by essential oil’s but had no knowledge of quality and standards for them. My friend had joined doTERRA and use the oils for her children she has one child of special needs. She had great success with them and is really impressed with the quality … More Why doTerra is #1

BOGO is Here!!! 2/20 thru 2/26. doterra Essential oils

Message me for great deals all week with doterra BOGO offers for 6 days. Look at My doterra site for all the products and offers.. If you were thinking about essential oil’s now is the time to make that move. I am so happy that I found  doterra.. these oil’s and products have totally blessed my life. … More BOGO is Here!!! 2/20 thru 2/26. doterra Essential oils